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SAGE Counseling, which was founded in 1998, is licensed by Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) to provide individual, couples, family, and group counseling.  Our primary focus is serving clients who are referred by the criminal justice system and the Arizona Department of Child Safety (DCS).  We provide services in outpatient service locations throughout Arizona, in clients’ homes, and in detention facilities.


SAGE's programming serves adults, juveniles, and families and includes, but is not limited to: Substance Abuse Treatment and Education; Screening/Evaluation Services; Domestic Violence Offender Treatment; Anger Management Treatment; DUI Services; Cognitive Skills/Recidivism Reduction; Motivational Enhancement; Delinquency Prevention for Juveniles; Parenting Skills; Truancy Prevention; Community Service Project Supervision; Job Skills Training; Case Management; Re-Entry Services for clients being released from incarceration; and Child Welfare Services.  Our interventions utilize evidence-based practices for the specific clinical group we are treating, e.g., substance abusing criminal offenders. We employ cognitive behavioral approaches within a psychoeducational format. We use structured curricula that are designed for our target population and make use of Motivational Interviewing and the Stages of Change model.



Substance Abuse Treatment

SAGE provides a range of Substance Abuse Education and Treatment services.  We utilize evidence-based practices, e.g., cognitive behavioral counseling and motivational interviewing.  These groups are located in our many satellite locations in Maricopa County and throughout Arizona. We offer both standard outpatient treatment groups (that typically meet twice per week for 30-36 sessions) and intensive outpatient groups (that typically initially meet three times per week for 40-48 sessions).  We also offer eight and sixteen hour substance abuse education programs on the weekends.

Underage Drinking Program

Our Underage Drinking Program is designed for adults ages 18 through 20 who have been charged with an alcohol-related offense and who do not meet the clinical criteria for our more intense alcohol and drug treatment programs.  This program has two components: an Education Class where an overview of common problems associated with alcohol use/abuse is offered, and short-term Alcohol and Drug Counseling, where individuals explore their reasons for using substances, the related consequences, and strategies for recovery.  We examine clients’ thinking, beliefs, and decision making, as well as provide techniques for developing and maintaining a positive lifestyle.  The Education Classes are generally provided in two, day-long weekend sessions, and the Counseling Groups typically meet one time a week for two hours.

Misdemeanor DUI Program

SAGE is licensed by the ADHS to provide all three misdemeanor DUI services: Screening, Level II Education, and Level I Treatment. Our Level II Education groups are typically held on the weekends, and we offer approximately 38 different Level I Treatment groups per week throughout Maricopa County.   

Lapse/Relapse Prevention

SAGE understands that not every individual is in need of a comprehensive treatment program.  Sometimes individuals have experienced a lapse or relapse and would benefit most from a brief, targeted intervention.  These individuals may have a support system in place that encourages recovery and may only need assistance and guidance while they reestablish their recovery.  For these people, SAGE has developed a “Lapse/Relapse Prevention Group” that specifically assists clients in identifying common problems encountered in recovery, as well as their personal challenges.  We teach and rehearse skills to assist them in maintaining abstinence even during the most difficult times.  This group is typically 16 sessions long and meets one time each week.

Drug Education

SAGE Counseling, Inc. offers both 8 and 16-hour Alcohol & Drug Education Classes.  Participants in these classes are provided with information about the biological, psychological, and social consequences of substance use and abuse.  An overview of the potential legal consequences of possession and/or use of drugs/alcohol is provided.  For those attending the 16 hour program, there is also an introduction to the signs and symptoms of addiction and its treatment.


Domestic Violence

SAGE Counseling is licensed by ADHS to provide court-ordered misdemeanor domestic violence offender treatment (see the Arizona Revised Statutes 13-3601.01 regarding requirements to complete such a program). We primarily utilize group rather than individual counseling, and have over 35 domestic violence offender treatment groups currently operating in Maricopa County.  We also have multiple treatment modalities to better serve a variety of clients.  Our groups are gender-specific and conducted in a psychoeducational format with a cognitive-behavioral approach.  We employ structured curricula and methodologies that are designed to increase clients' self-awareness of their controlling and abusive attitudes and behavior, enhance their sense of personal responsibility, and facilitate the integration of the material into their relationships.  The program particularly emphasizes clients' accountability, compliance with program and probation guidelines, and skill development and rehearsal.  Our clients' assigned number of sessions follows the ADHS guidelines for licensed court-ordered domestic violence offender treatment programs.

Multiple Domestic Violence Treatment Modalities:

In addition to the regular domestic violence offender treatment groups described above, SAGE also provides separate treatment for two other offender groups: those whose victims are children, or non-romantic roommates/family members.

Parent Offenders/Child Victims

In addition to the general themes addressed in our regular groups (power and control, gender dynamics, inappropriate entitlement, cognitive distortions, reframing, utilizing positive self-talk, etc.), these groups also focus on general parenting skills, appropriate discipline strategies and techniques, setting limits with children, co-parenting, and parenting within blended families. The Parent Offender groups are part of SAGE's ADHS licensed program, and also qualify for the requirements imposed in the Arizona Revised Statutes 13-3601.01.

Non-Romantic Partner/Family Victims

SAGE Counseling, Inc. offers this group for people who are charged with domestic violence but do not fit the clinical criteria that is typically associated with domestic violence offenders.  For these individuals, more emphasis is placed on recognizing patterns of thinking and behavior that are ineffective and aggressive, as well as teaching and rehearsing coping skills for future potentially problematic situations; these skills include self-calming techniques, communication skills, conflict resolution, emotional literacy, stress management techniques, problem-solving skills, etc.  These groups are part of SAGE's ADHS licensed program, and also qualify for the requirements imposed in the Arizona Revised Statutes 13-3601.01.


Cognitive Skills/Recidivism Reduction Group

This intervention is grounded in the idea that our feelings and behaviors are directed by our thoughts, not by external factors, such as people, situations, or events.  The benefit of this knowledge is the understanding that we can change the way we think to change the way we feel and act, even if the external situation does not change.  Clients experience greater success as they increase their self-awareness and gain understanding of the process of change.  This approach is based on the scientifically supported data that most emotional and behavioral reactions are learned.  Therefore, the goal of counseling is to help clients unlearn their unwanted reactions (including criminal behavior) while learning new ways of reacting.  SAGE teaches clients about the effects of their current problem-solving styles in order to gain the knowledge necessary to develop healthy lives.  This group is designed to instill values, increase empathy, promote positive changes, and enhance pro-social behavior.


Parenting Classes

Parenting classes assist clients in enhancing their current skills, as well as developing and rehearsing new skills.  Appropriate strategies for dealing with difficult parenting situations are addressed, as well as positive communication skills, appropriate use of discipline, parents’ self-care, boundary setting, anger management, developmental stages of childhood/adolescence, self esteem, and family conflict management.


Community Services Management and Oversight

SAGE partners with a variety of agencies, churches, and community organizations to provide supervision for clients required to perform community service as a part of their deferred prosecution, diversion agreement, probation, or conviction consequences.  The community service projects we implement are not simply “punishment.”  Rather, they are couched within a Restorative Justice approach, in that we provide clients with meaningful opportunities to not only give back to the community, but also to benefit from the experience.  Many projects are creative, contribute to others, and offer an experience in which they can take pride, e.g., painting murals, painting over graffiti, or maintaining community gardens.  Other projects are less exciting, such as cleaning up “blighted areas,” painting fire hydrants, cleaning up landscapes, and general cleaning projects.


When possible, the projects link the clients to their community to increase their sense of belonging.  The activities provide them with a sense of accomplishment, which is an important step towards improving their self-concept and building hope for the future.  The clients are supervised by SAGE staff throughout the day—while working, taking breaks, finding solutions for obstacles that arise, etc. so our staff members have multiple opportunities to coach clients and reinforce lessons from SAGE’s other interventions (such as Education Classes or Counseling Groups).



Anger Management

This program is designed for clients with clinical issues based more on aggressiveness and poor impulse control, rather than a pattern of power and control within intimate relationships.  This program is not for clients with a domestic violence conviction, and does not fulfill the requirements for completing a licensed domestic violence offender treatment program.  The program concentrates on improving impulse control, increasing clients' self-awareness of their controlling and aggressive attitudes and behavior, reducing hostile thinking patterns, enhancing their sense of personal responsibility and pro-social attitudes, and building multiple skills, e.g., conflict-resolution, problem-solving, communication, and positive self-talk.  These groups are generally co-ed.


Re-Entry/Transitional Services

SAGE Counseling provides community-based transitional services for released inmates in Arizona.  We have multiple offices throughout Maricopa County, as well as offices in Tucson, Flagstaff, Yuma, Prescott Valley, Kingman, Casa Grande, Cottonwood, Bullhead City, Lake Havasu City, and Payson.  

Re-entry services at SAGE generally include assessment, case management, mentoring, and counseling.  We serve a wide range of offenders and provide assistance with employment, educational/vocational training, obtaining food boxes, mental health/medical services, medication needs, public assistance programs, faith based services, twelve step groups, housing needs, and literacy tutoring.



Intensive Family Preservation and Reunification Services

SAGE provides intensive crisis-oriented services to families referred by the Arizona Department of Child Safety whose children are at risk for out-of-home placements due to abuse or neglect.  A primary goal of this program is to support referred families so that their children can safely remain in their home.  SAGE provides counseling (individual, family, and marital therapy); communication skills; parenting skills training; home management skills; job readiness training; case management; and linkages to community resources.  SAGE's two-person teams frequently visit these families in their homes, and provide the resources and interventions necessary to stabilize these families and enhance their safety.


Other Outpatient Services

SAGE offers other outpatient services including individual and other programs that are requested by community or governmental entities.



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