Decision Points Curriculum Pilot

How To: Moodle

Review the navigation through the Moodle Learning Management System website

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How To: Download the Moodle App

Step-by-step instructions for downloading the Moodle app to your mobile device for both Android and Apple iOS

How To: Use the Moodle App

Learn how to navigate through the Moodle LMS application from your mobile device once it's been installed

How To: Fill Out a PDF

Instructions for completing an assignment when it is in a fillable PDF format

How to: Upload/Download a File

A guide for the process required to download an external document, as well as the process for uploading an external document that's been completed as an assignment

Moodle FAQ

Review frequently asked questions about the Moodle Learning Management System application

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Tech Support

Contact SAGE IT Technical Support

If you are experiencing a functionality issue with either the website, or the mobile application, please contact our technical support team.