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SAGE Counseling, Inc. was formed in 1998 to provide evidence-based services to the criminal justice system and court-referred clients.  We utilize Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, the Stages of Change Model, Interactive Journaling, and empirically-validated assessment tools.  Almost all of our clients are under court supervision, in a diversion program, incarcerated, or referred by the Arizona Department of Child Safety.


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AHCCCS Health Insurance

SAGE is contracted with all 7 AHCCCS ACC Health Plans, both RBHA plans, and accepts American Indian Health Plan. If you currently have AHCCCS, please make sure you update your contact information in Health-e-Arizona Plus (www.healthearisonaplus.gov), sign up for text/email notification alerts from AHCCCS, and respond to all AHCCCS requests for information in a timely manner. To update contact information, log in to www.healthearizonaplus.gov or call Health-e-Arizona Plus at 1-855-432-7587, Monday through Friday 7:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. To sign up for text/email alerts of AHCCCS notifications, log in to www.healthearizonaplus.gov, go to "Message Center" on the toolbar, and click on "Manage My Alerts and Letters."

SAGE can help! During your admission to SAGE, we will conduct a financial screening to determine if you may be eligible for AHCCCS. If you fall within the eligibility guidelines, we will provide individualized assistance and offer a one-on-one appointment to help you through the AHCCCS application process.

Our Approach

At SAGE Counseling, we hold a very simple philosophy: always provide exceptional service to our clients and customers. We want to ensure that these relationships continue to thrive in the future. Our high level of customer service is based on our investment in a strong administrative structure, which allows us to efficiently provide the accurate tracking and reporting that our customers require.



Substance Abuse Treatment

SAGE provides a range of Substance Abuse Education and Treatment services.  We utilize evidence-based practices, e.g., cognitive behavioral counseling and motivational interviewing.  These groups are located in our many satellite locations in Maricopa County and throughout Arizona.

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Domestic Violence

SAGE Counseling is licensed by ADHS to provide court-ordered misdemeanor domestic violence offender treatment (see the Arizona Revised Statutes 13-3601.01 regarding requirements to complete such a program). We primarily utilize group rather than individual counseling, and have over 35 domestic violence offender treatment groups currently operating in Maricopa County.

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Parenting classes assist clients in enhancing their current skills, as well as developing and rehearsing new skills.  Appropriate strategies for dealing with difficult parenting situations are addressed, as well as positive communication skills, appropriate use of discipline, parents’ self-care, boundary setting, anger management, developmental stages of childhood/adolescence, self-esteem, and family conflict management.

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Anger Management

This program is designed for clients with clinical issues based more on aggressiveness and poor impulse control, rather than a pattern of power and control within intimate relationships.  This program is not for clients with a domestic violence conviction, and does not fulfill the requirements for completing a licensed domestic violence offender treatment program.

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Cognitive Skills/Recidivism Reduction Group

This intervention is grounded in the idea that our feelings and behaviors are directed by our thoughts, not by external factors, such as people, situations, or events.  The benefit of this know-ledge is the understanding that we can change the way we think to change the way we feel and act, even if the external situation does not change.

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Thanks SAGE for allowing me to get my life back.

I just would to thank my case manager from the bottom of my heart thank you so much for all your advice and helping me guiding thru all this in the past months. To my counselor as well for everything you taught me in my class this knowledge that will accompany me for the rest of my life. I now have become a certified Peer Support Specialist and further seeking into my career in drug and addiction counseling.

A graduate of our DUI education and treatment program

I learned things about myself I did not expect and that I can take with me in the future. It will help with other aspects of life which can only benefit me in the future.

City of Phoenix Municipal Court, Screening and Assessment Services

The staff at SAGE Counseling are highly responsive to our needs, dependable, and provide sound clinical knowledge. We have also found their on-line system to be extremely beneficial as we are able to obtain immediate updates regarding our defendants' progress and attendance.

Transition Client

I had a great time and the best part for me was the group experience. I learned a lot about staying positive and thinking before my behaviors and how my thoughts are connected to my behavior. I learned that making better decisions will make better outcomes.


Diane first learned of the early-release senate bill while serving her second prison sentence. After years of being involved in biker gangs, substance use, and unhealthy relationships... More >


"...I don't have to fight everything anymore...I was able to let go, and to realize I am in control of my feelings and my decisions...." More >

Mike L

Mike describes a moment midway into his prison sentence when he realized there has to be a better way: a better way to spend his time, a different place to focus his energy... More >


Dominic feels that knowing that there are others that care about his success helped him stay motivated, and gave him hope. Five years after his release, he has established his retirement income, reinstated his license and bought a used car, and has his own apartment, which he is now able to share with his new roommate and companion, his rescue cat.... More >


SAGE gave me my life back

Renee connects with other women who are abuse and trafficking survivors, and is able to share the message that there is hope, there is a future. It is important to her that others know that good people make bad mistakes... More >

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