Domestic Violence

SAGE Counseling is licensed by ADHS to provide court-ordered misdemeanor domestic violence offender treatment (see the Arizona Revised Statutes 13-3601.01 regarding requirements to complete such a program). We primarily utilize group rather than individual counseling, and offer approximately 40 (three are offered in Spanish) domestic violence offender treatment groups currently operating in Maricopa County. We also have multiple treatment modalities to better serve a variety of clients. Our groups are gender-specific and conducted in a psychoeducational format with a cognitive-behavioral approach. We employ structured curricula and methodologies that are designed to increase clients' self-awareness of their controlling and abusive attitudes and behavior, enhance their sense of personal responsibility, and facilitate the integration of the material into their relationships. The program particularly emphasizes clients' accountability, compliance with program and probation guidelines, and skill development and rehearsal. Our clients' assigned number of sessions follows the ADHS guidelines for licensed court-ordered domestic violence offender treatment programs.

Multiple Domestic Violence Treatment Modalities

In addition to the regular domestic violence offender treatment groups described above, SAGE also provides separate treatment for two other offender groups: those whose victims are children, or non-romantic roommates/family members.

Parent Offenders/Child Victims

In addition to the general themes addressed in our regular groups (power and control, gender dynamics, inappropriate entitlement, cognitive distortions, reframing, utilizing positive self-talk, etc.), these groups also focus on general parenting skills, appropriate discipline strategies and techniques, setting limits with children, co-parenting, and parenting within blended families. The Parent Offender groups are part of SAGE's ADHS licensed program, and also qualify for the requirements imposed in the Arizona Revised Statutes 13-3601.01.

Non-Romantic Partner/Family Victims

SAGE Counseling, Inc. offers this group for people who are charged with domestic violence but do not fit the clinical criteria that is typically associated with domestic violence offenders. For these individuals, more emphasis is placed on recognizing patterns of thinking and behavior that are ineffective and aggressive, as well as teaching and rehearsing coping skills for future potentially problematic situations; these skills include self-calming techniques, communication skills, conflict resolution, emotional literacy, stress management techniques, problem-solving skills, etc. These groups are part of SAGE's ADHS licensed program, and also qualify for the requirements imposed in the Arizona Revised Statutes 13-3601.01.

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