Substance Abuse Treatment

SAGE provides a range of Substance Abuse Education and Treatment services.  We utilize evidence-based practices, e.g., cognitive behavioral counseling and motivational interviewing.  These groups are located in our many satellite locations in Maricopa County and throughout Arizona. We offer both standard outpatient treatment groups (that typically meet twice per week for 30-36 sessions) and intensive outpatient groups (that typically initially meet three times per week for 40-48 sessions).  We also offer eight and sixteen-hour substance abuse education programs on the weekends.

Underage Drinking Program

Our Underage Drinking Program is designed for adults ages 18 through 20 who have been charged with an alcohol-related offense and who do not meet the clinical criteria for our more intense alcohol and drug treatment programs.  This program has two components: an Education Class where an overview of common problems associated with alcohol and substance use/abuse is offered, and short-term Alcohol and Drug Counseling, where individuals explore their reasons for using substances, the related consequences, and strategies for recovery.  We examine clients’ thinking, beliefs, and decision making, as well as provide techniques for developing and maintaining a positive lifestyle.  The Education Classes are generally provided in two, day-long weekend sessions.

Misdemeanor DUI Program

SAGE is licensed by the ADHS to provide all three misdemeanor DUI services: Screening, Level II Education, and Level I Treatment. Our Level II Education groups are typically held on the weekends, and we offer approximately 46 (two are offered in Spanish) different Level I Treatment groups per week throughout Maricopa County. DUI screening services are provided Monday – Saturday at various times and locations with evening availability.

Lapse/Relapse Prevention

SAGE understands that not every individual is in need of a comprehensive treatment program.  Sometimes individuals have experienced a lapse or relapse and would benefit most from a brief, targeted intervention.  These individuals may have a support system in place that encourages recovery and may only need assistance and guidance while they reestablish their recovery.  For these people, SAGE has developed a “Lapse/Relapse Prevention Group” that specifically assists clients in identifying common problems encountered in recovery, as well as their personal challenges.  We teach and rehearse skills to assist them in maintaining abstinence even during the most difficult times.  This group typically meets one time each week, for 2 hours.

Drug Education

SAGE Counseling, Inc. offers both 8 and 16-hour Alcohol & Drug Education Classes.  Participants in these classes are provided with information about the biological, psychological, and social consequences of substance use and abuse.  An overview of the potential legal consequences of possession and/or use of drugs/alcohol is provided.  For those attending the 16 hour program, there is also an introduction to the signs and symptoms of addiction and its treatment.

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